Thursday, June 22, 2006

Two Month Updates

The 19th was my 2 months on T day. Today was another lazy day full of cleaning, naps, and obsessive comupter checking. I took some pics today after i woke up from a nap. Thought these might be fun and random. I get tired of the same old transition pics. .....

Things I've noticed:

My leg hair is finally growing and pretty fast. yay..I finally have leg hair.

Arm pit hair is getting longer and growing a bit more on the sides.

I was getting a lot of facial hair on the side of my lip. I decided to shave for a while until i have more facial hair. Having two or three big patches just looked silly on me.

I notice that my face looks's still hard to describe, fat redistribution.

I think the most interesting thing that is going on right now is my voice. It is all over the place!!! up and down and cracking in just about every conversation I have. I think I am still trying to speak at a range? higher than I can, as my vocal chords change. It's amazing to hear and listen to myself...I swear I sound different everyday.

I continue to be crabby, emotional, and lethargic on Wednesdays...the day before shot day. I imagine this would be a whole lot worse if I was injecting ever 2 weeks instead of once a week. I don't really like doing it every week, but, for me, right now, I know it's better.

I think that's it for now....back to playing with the animals and watching RENT with Trista...

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sebastian said...

Hey Knoll. I finally got to read your blog and I am lovign it! it is really nice to be able to share your process. I feel deeply identified with your descriptions...perhaps cause we both started t recently...and you r sooo beautiful. I feel your gentleness in your wrting. it is like finally getting to know you more. Thanks for sharing. your FTS brother,