Sunday, June 11, 2006

A Poem....

"I didn't start at F, I'm not ending at M.
It may be a continuum but definitions take over if you give in to em'.
Androgyny oughta be both/and not neither/nor, the vacuum natures abhors
& culture won't accomodate, & govternment forms won't allow you to approximate.
I check the box F & I feel like a liar, check M for Male and I feel like a fraud,
in a world that pretends such things are commanded by God.
Maybe someday they'll firgure out that the boxes are too small.
In the meantime the only choice is, checking them all. "

From Not Starting at F, Not Ending At M
by Skian McGuire


sarah said...

thats awesome.

Knoll said...

Thanks Sarah!