Thursday, November 22, 2007

I forgot my gender!

Another fabulous comic by Jay Sennett. I particularly like this one in the context of all the great conversations we've been having with the Gender Non Conformists group (Meeting at Affirmations on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of the month from 7-9pm: Next meeting December 3rd).
One of the comments posted on his site about the comic really sum up my thoughts as well:
"this is one of your best. it really drives deep to the heart of the matter on a few different levels. i don’t know anyone, besides you, me, and a few assorted other trans people, who would actually admit to such a controversial idea - so much so, that if someone were to actually say such a thing, they would be assumed insane, or worse. it goes beyond the hateful comments i see, which accuse us of being “confused”.

for the vast majority of people, their gender is such a large part of who they feel themselves to be (for many trans people as well, though others would dispute their “feelings”) that to “forget” it, is unthinkable. this simple statement, really says so much.

i know more than a few radical feminists who might take issue with it. they might argue that they could *never* forget their gender because of the world in which we live. and i’d agree, in the context of what we have to deal with in a day-to-day context. and i suppose that makes this piece all the more transgressive. keep up the great work!"

WCBN "Closets are for clothes" radio interview

Soooo, Gabe invited me to be on Closets are for Clothes (WCBN in Ann Arbor) and talk about TDOR and The Midwest Trans Youth Conference. It was pretty fun, although I was nervous since I never did a "real" radio interview. You can listen to it on podcast if you have itunes. If you go to and scroll down to the list of "WCBN Public Affairs Program" and click Closets Are For Clothes it will take you to the list of shows. It is the one that aired November 21st 2007. I'm near the end of the show, probably about 30-35 minutes into the show. :) Although nobody likes the sound of their own voice.....It was totally fun, and I'm glad that Gabe invited me!!!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Silly Picture Update (1.5 years on T)

Carrie is gone tonight for her second sleep study. I've been cleaning listening to Rent and taking silly pics of myself. LOL. Just another night in the life of Knoll.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Weekend Round up

Carrie and I have been working far too many 12 hours shifts so sleeping in on Saturday was very very nice.

Had a therapy appointment. I've been back in therapy again. Actually I've been going for a while now, but it's not stuff I talk about much on here. I suppose it helps to have a kink aware therapist. I also like that he's been part of queer history in the detroit area and manages his practice and activist work quite well. I can only really afford to see him twice a month, although I'm going about 3 times a month. It mostly just life transition stuff, partner of a person with a disability stuff, and the work/employee grievance which has put a huge strain on me emotionally.

Went to dinner with Gene, Jenn, and David. We waited a very very long time for very very good Italian food. :)

I ended up doing bar outreach later Saturday night at R & R Saloon in Detroit. It was very interesting. All of the employees were very very nice and I was happy to leave tons of safer sex supplies. It was a bit odd since I had heard things about a part of the bar called "The Pit" that wasn't open to trans people or women. That part was a little iffy...knowing the history behind all of it.

Sunday was also relaxing....i got some hot chocolate and went for a walk at a park/garden. I need more time for myself like that. *sigh*

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Links and Coverage

I also wanted to post some news stories and links related to Ian's story/life. Many of these news articles are less than ideal with the portrayl of his identity/life/story.

This is an article in the Holland Sentinal Paper

This is an article and some news clips from a local Grand Rapids (MI)

Here is a link to the Trans Youth Family Advocates website. Here there is more info on the Project Ian National Campaign.

A celebration of Ian's Life

I attended the vigil yesterday in celebration of Ian's life. I wanted to post some of what I ended up reading. I was honored that some folks asked me to participate. It was beautiful to see so many community members, family, students, Friends there for Ian, his family and themselves.

I wanted to share part of what I read at the vigil:

My grandmother used to tell me a story about the stars. She told me that they are not stars but openings in the sky where the love of our lost ones pours through and shines down upon us to let us know they are happy.

Just as the stars may represent an opening for Ian to shine down on us….

I ask that we be openings here on earth be openings, a crack of light…a crack through which love, truth, compassion, joy, and peace can flow, spread and flourish.

How can be a crack of light in so much darkness? We begin by celebrating difference. We stop hiding difference where we don’t have to have to look at it or think about it. We stop “tolerating” or “accepting” difference, as if we’re so much better for not being different. Instead we celebrate difference. Exactly how we celebrate difference is for each of us to discover.

Ian and many of us in the trans community have gifts to offer like our deep sense of personal integrity and our ability to be honest about who we are. We help the communities of which we are a part of by emphasizing love, self-respect, and human dignity as core values. When we are free to be our true and authentic selves, we can’t help but remind others to be the best possible people they can be.

As we draw our celebration to a close tonight I ask that you think about all the words that were spoken here tonight. Now..I ask that you think of all the words living in your hearts and minds. All the words you have not yet spoken…. When you leave here begin to light up the world with your words of knowledge and compassion in Ian’s honor.

Speak for your family, your friends, your allies,

Speak for Ian

Speak for yourself.

Take time each day to celebrate Transgender people as gifts
And Remember: We are all gifts

Take time each day to celebrate Transgender people as beautiful
And Remember: We are all beautiful.