Wednesday, October 31, 2007

State News LGBT & Tobacco Article

So there was a really poorly written article on the front page of the State News today on our 2 year community tobacco survey. Unfortunately the article was framed in this "LGBT people use tobacco and is that a stereotype? or true" Sheeze. Of course the article didn't present any research from journal articles or even include anything about targeted marketing by the tobacco industry. I sometimes forget that folks in some oppressed communities are fearful of discussing any community "issues" or "Problems" or anything that might be perceived in a negative way. I also have seen this in some of the DV/SA work I have been a part of.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Employee Grievance

So, I am formally filling a grievance at work to advocate for my own (trans) health benefits. This is the first time that anyone at my employee has ever filled a formal grievance with the Board of Directors.

I am really struggling with who to appoint as my representative. I have a few people in mind. Unfortunately folks have told me that some of the people that I want to represent me might be too biased (other co-workers, my partner.....). It's going to be difficult to make a decision by this Friday.

The process goes like this:
-I send letter and info on my case to board president
-Board president appoints chair of committee reviewing case.
-Another person from the executive committee is appointed to case.
-I select my representative
-Committee meets and gets input from me and others on case
-Committee has 30 days to make a ruling or recommendation and share with board president or CEO.

I'm seeking out other who may have gone through a similar process for input, advice, or feedback.