Friday, June 02, 2006

Month 1 Update

I've been taking T for 6 weeks, but am just going to make this my month 1 update. I hope to update this monthy for those overseas during my transition (Monique) and anyone who just can't get enough of my "look!!! I grew another hair" stories. I decided to start a seperate journal away from LiveJournal.

Currently I'm taking 100 mg once a week.
Things I'm noticing
-My voice is dropping a bit
-I'm hungry and horny like "Whoa"
-My dick is growing
-I'm growing a tiny bit of facial hair
-My jawline looks a bit different...fat in my face redistributing
-Mentally I feel really scattered
-Things are more visually appealing...

I'm not too sure if these last two have anything to do with the T...but it feels like they are.

Here are a few one month pictures...

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