Friday, February 29, 2008

Poor Media Coverage

Michigan Transgender Media Coverage

An article by Todd Heywood highlighting some of the poor media coverage for Michigan trans folks/issues in the past few weeks.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

On the Mend

Me right before going into surgery:

It's been about a day and a half after surgery and I'm hanging in there. Everything went really smoothly on Tuesday. I'm still having some effects from the anaesthetic and in quite a bit of pain, thankfully they gave me some good drugs. I'm not taking any chances and taking them every 5-6 hours or so. Emotionally I've been in really good spirits...happy, calm, and definitely a good sense of humor.

Carrie and the puppers have been taking excellent care of me. More updates and pictures to come.....Like, for example, how is this obsessively clean Virgo not going to shower for 7 more days. LOL. *hugs* to everyone for all their support, especially Jen for being at the hospital all day and Laura for watching the naughty puppy Lola!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Simmie Williams

Another gay-identified, gender variant teen, Simmie “Chris” Williams, was killed this week.

I’m surprised that the article focuses on whether or not she was a sex worker and not much at all on the two men who (apparently) killed her. Another media story where trans people are blamed as victims.

This after Sanesha Stewart was murdered in New York and Lawrence King killed in California. All within the past week or so....

In response this blog post/article How to Kill a Transperson was published.


It is such a freeing and comforting feeling to have total support from everyone important in my life before surgery on Tuesday. After talking to my parents some more today--they really expressed their understanding of how important this surgery is for me and how happy they are that I am able to finally have it done. I think that this is the first thing I am doing, transition wise, that everyone is rooting me on for. For me, it makes a big difference in my mental state going into surgery.

I am looking forward to seeing everyone and celebrating with folks tonight. It's just nice to feel so supported and loved *Hugs*

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

See you at registration!

Hey everyone---reporting live from Creating Change 2008! Working the registration desk right now for a few hours today and Friday as well. Carrie checked in yesterday afternoon, and I'll be staying at the RenCen on and off while driving back and forth to take care of the animals. I'm pretty excited that it is finally here. Looking forward to tomorrow for the daylong trans health access institute and the opening events!!