Saturday, March 08, 2008

You Might Be GenderQueer If...

I've been really into making lists these days and thought I might start adding them to the blog. Based on my own experiences, meant to be humorous, here's my first attempt!

You might be genderqueer if...........

You were looking forward to top surgery so that you could finally do female drag.

Your femme daddy made you call your "underwear" panties in a scene to shame you--it just stuck and you still call them that.

When the men's bathroom gets too dirty for your Virgo aesthetic you just use the women's.

While working a tabling event you're "read" as a gay cisgender man, a straight cisgender man, a lesbian cisgender woman, and a trans woman all within 30 minutes.

The next door neighbors think you have a twin sister.

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