Sunday, March 30, 2008

Big Bash 2008 Part 2

For the rest of the photos feel free to visit my Picasa site--lots more photos.


Heather said...

Hi Knoll!
It's Heather, Andrew's girl; we met today at affirmations. just want to say you have such great vibes and it was a pleasure to meet you. i have been reading your yeahhh!
I know this is weird to say, maybe, but you are the first transgender individual i've ever been introduced that weird to say? i'm happy to know you! i've recently come out as a bisexual and this new lgbt community is really thrilling for me. see you around at affirmations, hopefully. i will try to make it out to the writing group on the 3rd thursday. my email is

Heather said...

um, wait, after i posted that, i realized that i might have it the proper term transexual?
i don't know, the terminology sometimes confuses me.