Wednesday, July 12, 2006

they print 8,000

Today was one of those days where I found myself not trusting people and their possilble good intentions...their ability to ever understand or care enough to ask....ask anything...

I felt and often feel vulnerable in a workplace which is "supposed" to be a safe haven for trans folk.

Today in the newsletter at work there was a brief announcement about me starting my new position with a picture. The picture was an old picuture. The picture is not a picture of who I am today. It is so difficult to be recognized for who I am on a day to day basis...and this is not the image I want everyone I am going to have to work with to have of me in their mind before they meet me......

The thing that is most frusterating about this incident is that the photo was going to be used back in April of this year at a fundraising event and Carrie happened to be in that meeting. She was able to explain to others whythis photo would not be a good choice to use whithout permission. duh!

A co-worker tried to keep reminding me to assume good intentions, but when mistakes are repeated I feel so angry and resentful.


FR said...

i've had it up to HERE with "good intentions."

screw the qualifiers. let's just be GOOD.

(glad you're blogging!)

Knoll said...

haha..thanks. I've needed a break from my live journal these days!

sebastian said..., no...that's is not ok. not grandma used to say that hell is full of people with good intentions!. I agree.stay strong Knoll. We are the ONES! The chosen. Stay strong!