Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Is health care reform an issue for nonprofits? (Duh)

Reposted from MNA's blog:

Is health care reform an issue for your nonprofit?

Michigan Nonprofit Association says yes and nine out of ten responding nonprofits to our recent health care survey agree. MNA and the Johnson Center at Grand Valley State University assessed how the current health care system is affecting nonprofits as employers.

If you agree health care reform is an issue for your nonprofit, the results may seem obvious, but there are two striking findings that deserve repeating:

1. Health care costs impact Michigan nonprofits’ ability to attract and retain talent while responding to shrinking revenues.

2. Reform of the current health care system is near universally important to Michigan nonprofits.

It is critical the nonprofit sector has a voice in the health care reform debate. Today, MNA’s Board of Trustees met and adopted the following statement in regards to MNA’s position on health care reform. Michigan Nonprofit Association believes that health care reform should embrace the following set of principles:

• Health care reform should ensure high-quality health care;
• Health care reform should have as an ultimate goal to provide universal access to affordable health care;
• Health care reform should address the needs of the nonprofit community and the people it serves; and
• Health care reform should not add financial burdens to the nonprofit community that are not shared by other sectors of society.

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