Friday, August 21, 2009

When I was a 6 year-old anti tobacco/smoking activist

While I was eating lunch the other day I noticed a whole slew of kids who had come to work with their parents. They seemed to be having a great time and asking their parents all sorts of questions about their job(s).

Suddenly I remembered a time I came to work with my mom. she was working as an academic advisor/counselor at a community college in Southeast Michigan. On the day that I was visiting the president of the college just happened to stop by the building for a visit.

I can imagine my mom may have been concerned--having her kid with her..or maybe not. She always worked full time as we were growing up, and there were rarely any childcare snafus. Anyway....I remember looking up at this really tall man in a black suit and bright tie (It was about 1985 and I was about 6 years old.) He was smoking a huge cigar (inside). Before getting intorduced I blurted out "Ewwww, that stinks! Get away from me." My mom was appalled, and clearly embaressed by my outburst. She tried to scold me and brush it off. I remember him laughing, and saying, "yes, it is pretty stinky and not good for you either."

I'm not sure where this random membory came from...LOL

But I kept thinking...WHAT...this was in the early 80's and someone was smoking inside a college? I quickly looked up The Michigan Clean Indoor Air Act that passed in the 80's, and was shocked that it wasn't passed until 1986. It seems so strange that before then people were smoking inside all kinds of buildings.

It makes me hope that in 10, 15, 20 years from now-someone will remember a time when folks smoked a bars and restaurants in Michigan, and it will seem so unbelieveable.

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Ruth said...

I started at a branch campus of Penn State in 1987, and for the first year you could smoke inside of every building except in the classrooms(at least while classes were in session.) When the rule changed during my sophomore year and people had to go outside there was rending of clothes and gnashing of teeth.