Friday, August 07, 2009


I heard yesterday that my sister who lives in Cincinanti was in a very bad bike accident.

She was riding a new mountain bike on a trail alone and it begun to get dark, faster than she expected. She was coming down a hill nearing the end of the trail and i guess was going pretty fast. She didn't see the trail posts (going across the start of the trail to make sure no cars or 4 wheelers can get through). She hit one hard-was thrown from her bike, shattered her fibula and cracked her head pretty hard.

Thankfully she was able to use her cell phone to call for an ambulance....she was taken to the ER and had emergency surgery to repair the her leg...she needed to have metal rods, etc. Thankfully she was wearing a helmut (which was cracked in half from the accident).

It's so scary and I feel terrible that she went through that alone. Times like these I wish she lived in state. I'm going to send her a care package this weekend. :(

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