Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Carrie and I are very excited and looking forward to our Mexico trip (we're leaving in 4 days).

The problem is...I'm a cheap and lazy tranny who has a passport that looks like my (non existant) twin sister.

See, since my name (knoll) has always been part of my legal birth name I've never really been that motivated to spend the money or time for a name change. Plus, I've been trying to keep everything consistant for insurace coverage purposes. I'm also not really a person who cares much about legal validation of my gender...I DO care in the sense of working for and understanding the importance of identity documents...

At least my liscense picture looks like me, currently. Plus I've read up on NCTE's page on travel tips and I seem to be doing all I can.

At this point there's really nothign I can do except hope that everything works out okay. Betwween Carrie's disability stuff and my gender stuff we're almost always searched/held up anyway.

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