Sunday, November 16, 2008


It's been a while since I've written anything here. I've been revisiting a lot of older entries for some upcoming speaking engagements. I'm driving over the Central Michigan tomorrow to speak.

I still find it strange that folks want to come talk and tell my personal story. I've very careful in my role for these types of things. I know far too many folks, trans or not, who use the invite of telling their personal story to use it as some strange power trip or personal soap box. I don't think being trans makes me exceptional in anyway... and at the same time I do feel a sense of pride in my identity. I think I can be impactful in others lives by being honest and authentic, telling others how I've accomplished that, and connecting my struggle to others. Basically talking about gender diversity and not making it the Knoll show.

I know..I know..I over analyze everything..but if I didn't..I wouldn't be me!

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Self Made Max said...

Telling our story is an important part of "educating" the public and putting a face to a label. For me the motivation to speak is to normalize/globalize our trans experience because everyone goes through serious life transitions -childhood to adulthood, single to committed, committed to single, parenthood, careers, etc. Transitions where a person wakes up in the morning and "suddenly" find that they view themselves in a whole new light and the world treats them in an entirely different gender transition is just like that, accompanied by all of the same feelings..although a little more unusual. That has always resonated with the folks I have shared my story with. I also try to share that being trans is only a small part of who I really am... it is not all encompassing and not the main label I apply to myself. I am a human being first, with a trans history and trans experience, but also with a host of other experiences that make up who I am day to day.

Keep up the work. It is important and necessary. If nothing else there may be a young gender non conformist in the crowd that just needs to see another real live person articulate and give language to a heretofore indescribable existence.