Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Memoirs and Writing

I've been missing writing lately. I'm not really much of a writer. Writing things down in this blog...it's really a relaxing thought sorting type of activity for me.

Today I found an article on memoir writing. This is the type of writing that makes sense to me. Telling stories, finding new meaning in old stories. yup. Maybe "memoir" type writing could be helpful for me. I have this "sick" memory...so bad and detailed that it actually is part of my anxiety (that I remember everything and can then ruminate about it for years). Anyway..in hopes of finding something positive with that...I may try some of these suggested prompts.

Begin with two pages: 10 exercises to get you started:
-Write 2 pages of something you can't deny
-write 2 pages of what got left behind
-Write 2 pages of something you wrote or did that you no longer understand
-Write 2 pages of apologizing for something you didn't do
-Write 2 pages about a physical characteristic you are proud to have inherited or passed on
-Write 2 pages of what you had to have
-Write 2 pages of humiliating exposure
-Write 2 pages about a time when you felt compassion unexpectedly
-Write 2 pages of what you have too much of
-Write 2 pages of when you knew you were in trouble


FirstPersonArts said...

Your blog came up on my morning google alert for folks interested in memoir writing, and I thought you might be interested in First Person Arts’ Impressions competitions running through August 15th. It includes a competition for short documentary films (under 5 minutes) and documentary photo essays (5 images or fewer), but the memoir competition calls for 1500 words. Check out the competition website here: http://impressions.firstpersonarts.org and find out more about First Person Arts a Philly non-profit dedicated to memoir and documentary art at http://www.firstpersonarts.org

We’ve got some excellent judges, and the winning entries will get some very nice exposure, not to mention a little cash. It would be great if you could post about this on your blog and/or pass it around to your friends or writers groups. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks,


K.A. said...

Being the (ahem) writer that I am, I found TYPO in your blog. Can you believe it? It said, "I am not much of a writer."

I think it was supposed to say, "I am a really talented writer."

Thanks for these, Knoll. Katie

fidlerflute said...

Hi Knoll,

I know you wrote this post a while ago, but I just want to remind you that I knew you back in middle school, and I thought you were the most talented writer I knew. You inspired me to write, even back then. It is through writing that my husband and I met. Don't ever say that you're not a writer because you're the one person who I've always thought IS the writer.