Saturday, January 19, 2008

The sturdy skirt for men :)

The Local, Sweden Sturdy skirt a hit with Swedish workmen
Published: 17 Jan 08 18:38 CET
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Mechanics, carpenters and plumbers who have tough physical jobs needstrong, functional clothing. But that doesn't mean they have to wearboring, old-fashioned overalls that their grandfathers might haveworn. A kilt for professional men recently introduced in Swedenfeatures roomy pockets needed to carry necessary tools and allows theworker to make a striking fashion statement at the same time

This men's skirt in heavyweight cotton has other advantages. It isundoubtedly refreshing – or at least mildly alarming – to feel acooling breeze running up your legs during a long, sweaty dayhammering in plasterboard or installing a new floor.

"We initially launched the kilt as a sort of experiment. We thoughtonly a small number of daring men would wear it. But it proved to besurprisingly popular," says Susanne Kristianson of Blåkläder, thecompany from Svenljunga, western Sweden, behind the unconventionalwork wear.
The trendy kilt has attracted a following among self-confident youngSwedish men who are not afraid to challenge conventional genderstereotypes - although, as any Scotsman would tell you, there wasnever anything girlie about wearing a kilt.

The unconventional garment is especially popular among carpenters: itfeatures two reinforced nail pockets, a loop for carrying a hammer anda knife holder.

One of Sweden's largest manufacturers of heavy-duty and protectiveclothing for men, Blåkläder sells its new workingman's kiltnationwide; it is also listed as a regular item in its productcatalogue. The garment was lauded as "Fashion Product of the Year" inlate October 2007 by TEKO, the Swedish Textile and ClothingAssociation.

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Stonetree said...

Also made in America. They can make a guy's ass look really nice too.