Saturday, January 26, 2008

Philly Trans Health Conference 2008

It seems so early to be talking about this already....but The Philly Trans Health Conference has been moved to Memorial Day Weekend (May) in 2008. I'm pretty excited about this many regional conferences seem to all happen at the same time. The site is up for 2008 at

I registered online today and a coworker (Laura Sorenson) and I submitted a workshop proposal--a skill building session on advocacy in medical settings for people of size. Hoping it gets accepted although we'll be going no matter what.

Our friends Patrick and Mindy also invited us to come early or stay late and spend sometime on the East Coast. Their daughter might also be in the area visiting. I'm pretty excited. Even though they have been out of the state now for a year and a half I still feel pretty close to them...and look forward to keeping our friendship going. They are just wonderful people!!

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