Thursday, May 24, 2007


A couple new developments in the life of Knolly

-Carrie and I are back at it again--working on another issue of the zine. It looks like we'll be making no major style/content changes---but changing something that feels just as major--the name. I think we're both wondering if we're compromising too much...and at the same time we know it may increase readership.... Regardless, I've got a lot of writing to do in the next 3 weeks, if we're going to meet our deadline of getting issue No. 2 out in time for the Allied Media Conference. I'm looking forward to participating in the sessions and having a table as well. Also, Affirmations Trans Youth Group's session on trans youth in indie media got selected--so they'll be presenting as well. Woot!

-Carrie was selected to serve as co-chair for the creating change host committee for Creating Change 08 (Detroit) This is a pretty big undertaking. Lots of meetings..lots of planning. :) I've decided to join the programming subcommittee--focused on recruiting and brining together presentors to submit proposals showcasing unique projects, collaborations, activites happening locally.

-Jay is coming to visit sometime in June. He's coming in for a surgery consult, and to hang out with us, of course!

-This summer I have an intern working with me. She's amazingly thoughtful and productive. It's going to be a good summer people!

-This weekend we're considering going to an art workshop on printmaking...sounds fun and I was thinking it might help with some zine promo....

-Yesterday I met with Jillian who is working on this online zine project. She's featuring a little story about theLGBT communities of size meet up I'm putting together. All right...I'm off to get ready. trying to get into work a bit early....

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