Sunday, May 27, 2007

Call For Zine Submissions..Again.

Sometimes I do silly things, like post everywhere else but here with the call for submissions. duh. Anyone interested, let me know. :-) (Feel free to pass along to anyone else who might be interested)

Call for submissions:
We’ve had lots of requests to put out another issue of our zine (folks can only whack off to the same thing for so long..LOL). So we’re back at it again, and would love it if you wanted to submit anything dirty, kinky, theoretical—or all the above to the project.

The format and content is very much the same. (Still made by and for sexually-charged/sex positive, anti-assimilationist transgender and genderqueer people and those who love them.) Still featuring articles, essays, photography, poetry, and erotica, etc. We're open to most mediums--the dirtier the better.

We’re going for a more accurate name (genderfuct: erotic and scandalous tales of gender non-conformity) for a bit wider appeal. We had so much fun putting together the first collection and know it’s going to be a good time again. Hope you’ll consider being a part of it *wink* Feel free to check out the first edition/project to get an idea of what this one will look like

Close to 1,000 words or less
Deadline June 16th-18th 2007
Submit to

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