Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Why I use cash

So, I usually just carry/use cash since I get strange looks when I try to use my credit card(s) because of my old name. This morning I was asked for my ID and scrutinized. The cashier even called over her manager. They both looked at me and my license and my credit card again and again. It was sad and embarrassing and frustrating. I haven't had the money to do a legal name change. The good news is Carrie checked and it looks like my tax return should be to me on Friday or Saturday of this week. I promised myself that I would use a chunk of that money to do a legal name change. Yes! That will feel soooo good.

In other news, we've had three exhausting days with the Affirmations move. Although...I'm sitting in my new cubicle in the new building writing at least there is some progress. More move updates later.....

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