Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Knoll's brain wakes up...

I got word that I now have a faculty sponsor from the School of Public Health (1 official and 1 unofficial sponsor) for my independent research beginning in Jaunary. 

I'm sure I'll elaborate more on this; the details still have to be worked out in November.  The work will be related to community based participatory research (CBPR), community-academic partnerships with LGBT health and social service orgs., LGBT reaseach ethics, and CBPR ethics, etc.     

I'm also planning on taking a course or two this winter or spring/summer.  UM pays 75% of the tuition for me as a staff member.  I have a good sense now what I might need more work on to prepare for a post-masters fellowship, doctoral work, or just more responsibilty at my current job.

Both of these things make me very, very happy on this sunny fall afternoon. 


Ted Faigle said...

Hi Knoll, I want to thank you for blogging about our Program for LGBT Health at DrexelU SPH. Glad to hear you have a Faculty sponsor for your independent study. Also want to let you know that we will be introducing an accredited on-line Master's Level Certificate program in LGBT Health through Drexel.com, the U's highly acclaimed distance learning program. It will be 3 courses, 10 weeks each, offered in sequence starting next fall (2010). Wish I could say it were closer at hand, but it's going to take time to meet all the requirements of accreditation. Still, I thought you might be interested. Are you coming to Philly for the APHA Conference in two weeks?

Knoll said...

Hey Ted!

That's very exciting about the Certificate program. I know it can take some time with accreditation. Keep me posted, and feel free to add me to any email list or group with regards to LGBT public health at Drexel. My email address is lklarkin@med.umich.edu

I'm not going to be at APHA this year, thanks for asking!