Monday, November 12, 2007

Weekend Round up

Carrie and I have been working far too many 12 hours shifts so sleeping in on Saturday was very very nice.

Had a therapy appointment. I've been back in therapy again. Actually I've been going for a while now, but it's not stuff I talk about much on here. I suppose it helps to have a kink aware therapist. I also like that he's been part of queer history in the detroit area and manages his practice and activist work quite well. I can only really afford to see him twice a month, although I'm going about 3 times a month. It mostly just life transition stuff, partner of a person with a disability stuff, and the work/employee grievance which has put a huge strain on me emotionally.

Went to dinner with Gene, Jenn, and David. We waited a very very long time for very very good Italian food. :)

I ended up doing bar outreach later Saturday night at R & R Saloon in Detroit. It was very interesting. All of the employees were very very nice and I was happy to leave tons of safer sex supplies. It was a bit odd since I had heard things about a part of the bar called "The Pit" that wasn't open to trans people or women. That part was a little iffy...knowing the history behind all of it.

Sunday was also relaxing....i got some hot chocolate and went for a walk at a park/garden. I need more time for myself like that. *sigh*

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