Wednesday, October 11, 2006


It's been a few weeks since I've updated. There are a few things I've been wanted to mention:

-It's almost my 6 month on T anniversary!!

-My mom twice in the last week has verbally acknowledged my transition. Prior to this she has taken a firm stance of denial. She commented on my voice last weekend, asking again if it was a cold. Before I could even respond she said, oh, it's just your voice dropping then. Later in the week she asked me how much it costs to "do what I'm doing". small steps...i keep telling myself. small steps.

-I have been working since August to make arrangements for my top surgery. To summarize: The Dr. at Beaumont fell through. I have strong feelings regarding Dr. Wilson, and do not want him to perform my surgery. There are sooo few options. Today I did a phone intake with UM GCS, something I thought I would never do. Now it's back to the beginning with letter getting and records transferring. 6 weeks for a consult and 6 weeks for a surgery date.


-Big changes in my personal life..Carrie and I are moving to Ferndale, finally,this month. we're excited but overwhelmed with the move.

-Presenting at Creating Change next month with carrie!!!

-And I'll be at the Against Health conference tomorrow and today at UM. I'm hoping I will get to see some folks I haven't seen for a while!!!

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