Saturday, August 26, 2006

Surgery consult updates

The surgery consult went very well. The Doctor was knowledgeable and gentle. He spent a long time with Carrie and I describing the procedure, taking measurements, pictures, and answering every question very pateintly.

although he has not done very many FTM top surgeries he is very well known for his cheast reconstruction work and breast reduction work---with minimal scarring.

I feel very confident that he understands my identity and my desired outcomes. And I can even get a surgery date in early December.

The problem is my work insurance policy does not cover trans related care.
The work insurance policy should cover trans realted care. I can't say more about it right now...but I am in limbo..waiting.....

******Please note this next section is vague beucase I'd like to maintain this blog publicly and this situation should not be made public until it is resolved******

And I've reached a point where I have to begin to advocate for myself. I find it much easier to advocte for others. Hell..I feel like I've spent a good portion of the last 6 or 7 years doing that. But when it comes to me.....

And now the risks are higher. less about emotions and more about my empolyment and not just someone elses policies...someelse's stuggle (not that that's not important) Now, maybe I really am an activist..beucase now there is risk and my life and my freedom and this injustice ARE worth the risk.

sometimes this awkward existance makes policy. and i feel so goddamn pissed off and resistant. I want to be quiet. And parts of me sometimes want to come in and work hard and go home feeling satisfied.

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cyclegirl said...

Dont ever feel alone their are many F2M's that are facing the same hurdles. Unfortunatly with the Transphobia in the homo and hetrosexuual communities, you must feel that no one is on your side. But I am a young PhD student and I am working on addressing Trans peoples in my research. I wish you well. If you need any ideas on how to get funding email me at or